A new Feist trailer from Filthy Grip

Out of sight hasn’t meant out of mind for the developers of Feist, the silhouette-heavy side-scroller that walked away with the titles of Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design in the 2008 Unity Awards and Student Showcase winner at the 2009 Independent Games Festival.

Having kept a low profile since, charming judging committees with just a couple of playable levels, indie developer Filthy Grip has finally released a new trailer for their debut title, showing off the game’s unique visual style – a blend between Vanillaware’s lushly layered 2D visuals and Indonesian shadow puppet theater. In other words, it’s pretty. Really pretty.

What started as a thesis project for two Zurich University of the Arts students has developed into a dark but delightful puzzle-platformer that will have you playing as fuzzy little beast tasked with solving simple environmental puzzles and battling even bigger, fuzzier beasts.

Though Filthy Grip hasn’t announced a release for the PC and Mac-bound title, they hope the new trailer, and all the hard work it represents, is enough to keep players’ interest peaked.

“About two years ago, we’ve set out to journey the forests of FEIST and we’re still making our way through the underbrush. The way we’ve traveled has been long and there has been a lot we’ve learned and many interesting forest people we’ve encountered on the way,” the developer shares on their website. “But we’re not yet satisfied, it’s not yet time to return home and call it a day. The forest still harbors secrets we’ve not yet dared to touch and therefore we ask all of you to give us some more of your patience as we venture even deeper into the parts where the trees stand so close they almost touch and the light of the sun never reaches their roots.”