Star Trek Online console version “on the back burner”

Bad news from Starfleet, all you wanna-be console Captain Kirks. It seems as if the Star Trek Online mission of space exploration will remain grounded firmly in PC with little hope for a previously promised PS3 and Xbox 360 version. Executive producer Craig Zinkievich has admitted that the game is “pretty much in the same boat as the Champions console version right now,” referring to the recent announcement that the console version of Champions Online had been halted.

“It’s something we can readily do in terms of technology,” Zinkievich said. “We’ve had it up and running on certain consoles, and had plans and designs in order to take advantage of those platforms. But as it stands right now it’s a little difficult to make that final leap on the business side of things. So, currently, just like Champions, the console version of Star Trek Online is on the back burner.”