Exclusives “make sense” to Take-Two

Take-Two CEO Ben Feder believes that platform-exclusive games “make sense” in some situations.

Feder told MCV that while Take-Two are keen to make their games available to the largest possible audience, sometimes exclusivity can be an advantage. And he should know; Take-Two are the publishers behind the Xbox 360 timed-exclusive episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV.

“In general, we like to make our content available to as broad of an audience as possible. That said, we’ve partnered with all three hardware manufacturers from time-to-time to create exclusive content.”

“There are times when exclusive games may make sense, either because the platform holder is so excited about it that they are willing to share the investment risk and put an effort behind ensuring a successful launch – as was the case for the episodic content for GTA IV on 360 – or because the content is perfectly suited to the platform – as was the case with Carnival Games for the Wii and DS.”

Take-Two’s upcoming games Agent and LA Noire were both announced as PS3 exclusives, however the latter has now been confirmed for the Xbox 360 too.