Sony: Move is better than Natal because..

John Koller, SCEA’s director of hardware and marketing, has explained why he believes Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controller is better than Microsoft’s Project Natal. Like the company has pointed out many, many times before, it all comes down to the Move’s accuracy.

“[Move] is better than Natal for a few reasons, but the biggest reason is what we call draw distance,” he said. “What Natal has is very XY, you’re playing in this realm [waves hands]. So for games that are shooters, or golf, or sports, if you draw back away from their camera you loose precision.

“The sphere that’s read by the camera, is very precise so every move you make, many feet beyond the camera, allows it to track. The fact that you can use the camera and the motion controller provides not only tactile experience, but the camera can pick up both audibly and visually.”

“Ultimately, it’s all about the content,” he later added. “We have both core and family games and I think that there will be a much broader and more diverse amount of people that will want to play [Move].“

Both companies are showing their devices extensively at E3 this June.