Crysis 2 is all about unique gameplay across platforms

While it is certainly hard not to drool over all things Crysis 2, we sometimes find ourselves questioning the how and being downright skeptical about the game’s gorgeousness on anything that isn’t a certified supercomputer. But, apparently, we shouldn’t worry so much.

Crytek president Cevat Yerli has assured in a recent interview that tailoring CryENGINE 3 for multiple platforms isn’t about scaling back, but rather providing gameplay that’s unique to PCs and consoles.

Yerli elaborates, “It’s not about scaling back, it’s more about making gameplay that’s unique to consoles and PCs at the same time without looking like it’s scaled back, the entire experience has to be top notch.”

From the various videos and array of screenshots we’ve seen thus far it does appear that graphical fidelity hasn’t been sacrificed. And if we were going by the latest trailer it looks like the mood and story is coming up to that “top notch” level. But what does all of this cost in the way of performance? 30 frames per second it seems.

“We’re looking at 30 [FPS]. There’s nothing below, nothing. We’re still work in progress. I’m very happy the game works at all [laughs],” Yerli explains. “I think the amount of push we have and the fact the game works like that puts me in a very happy situation right now.”