Updated / Gears of War 3 all but official, EA readying second Epic game announcement

Update: Both games will be announced on Monday, apparently. “NEWSFLASH: Two announcements about two upcoming games on Monday,” Bleszinski tweets. “BOOM!”

Original story: Epic’s Jimmy Fallon announcement on Monday relating to Gears of War 3 appears a certainty; it would seem that whoever’s in charge of updating the NXE didn’t get a memo of the last-minute rescheduling of Bleszinski’s Late Night appearance and put up a dashboard item confirming both GOW3 and its rumored April 2011 release.

The more interesting thing is, however, that Gears 3 may not be the only Epic game announced this month.

Relying on a source close to Epic, CVG reports that an EA published title, possibly Bulletstorm, from Epic-owned People Can Fly studio will be announced in the next two weeks as well.

“EA needs to make sure enough days have passed between the Gears launch and its own announcement,” the source whispered. “They were originally scheduling in an announcement for the People Can Fly game early next week, but Cliffy B’s postponed TV chat has pushed that back by at least a few days. It’s looking like the following week now.”

In a past conference call, EA spoke of an Epic title which they’ll be co-publishing. It was said to be a PC and console game, and available in the company’s fiscal Q4 (before March 31, 2011).