Microsoft block Machinarium from XBLA

Microsoft have refused Machinarium for Xbox Live Arcade.

According to Czech game studio Amanita Design, the well-received and mighty purdy point-and-click adventure was refused on the grounds that the game was also available for Mac and Linux.

Speaking to XBLAFans, Amanita founder and leader designer Jakub Dvorksy said, “Microsoft just refused Machinarium for XBLA after a half year of talking with them.”

“They like the game and know it would be very successful on their platform, but they don’t want to support games which aren’t Microsoft exclusives. Machinarium isn’t, since we’ve also released versions for Mac and Linux.”

Dvorksy also revealed his reluctance to take the game to an external publisher to do the job, rather than go the indie route. “We have another option to approach some big publisher to bring the game to XBLA, which is quite absurd to do and lose maybe a large part of revenue because of that,” he said.

Consider us sorely, sorely disappointed.