Jigsaw wants to play some more, Saw 2 announced

I remember Konami saying that they hoped the original Saw was going to be this generation’s Silent Hill. Judging by the fact I only remembered the game had even come out when I saw the announcement for the sequel, Saw 2, it obviously didn’t reach that goal. Regardless, the folks at Zombie Studios are giving it another shot, dropping a sequel into our laps only a year later, just like the films!

The first game put the player in the shoes of Detective Tapp, who (slight spoiler to this story-rich universe) fell victim to one of Jigsaw’s traps at the end (Tapp could be saved in another ending, but this isn’t canon). Tapp passes the torch to his son this time around, who’s struggling to come to terms with his father’s death.

Konami are promising a host of new puzzles among other gameplay refinements. If the game follows the same pattern as the films, then this should be the best in the series. After that everything goes downhill and the sixth will officially be the worst game of all time.

Saw 2 comes to PS3 and 360 in this Fall.