MotionPlus could make it into Conduit 2

Buzz around the MotionPlus when it first appeared got a lot of developers talking about the possibilities of using the device for their games. High Voltage Software was one such developer, thinking it could help improve their shooter The Conduit. That buzz has now died down and most of the games that could have used MotionPlus sort of didn’t, including The Conduit.

But now that Red Steel 2 has shown that utilizing it can help a shooter out, maybe the recently announced Conduit 2 will bring back MotionPlus support. Josh Olsen, producer on the game says it’s a possibility.

“We’re still evaluating it for Conduit 2, but any integration wouldn’t be mandatory and would serve only to supplement the core experience. We’re first and foremost a shooter with a focus on keeping the pointer on the screen – we’re not considering any melee weapons that would make use of its added fidelity.”

Of course Red Steel 2’s focus on melee was where the device came in handy, but Conduit 2 is a lot more… shooty, so how could MotionPlus enhance that experience? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.