Rumble coming (back) to the DS?

Information gleaned from a US patent application, filed by Nintendo, hints that a rumble feature may be making an appearance in a future iteration of the DS. According to the patent, force feedback will be generated by a “coin-shaped vibrating motor” nestled within the casing of an as of yet unnamed device.

Though the device itself is never referred to specifically by name; it does sound remarkably similar to the DSi or DS lite models in its description, leading us to wonder whether this is yet another feature bound for the 3DS or a revision to the current hardware.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time rumble has been honed onto the DS – Metroid Prime Pinball previously came equipped with a rumble pack when it was released in 2005. However the rumble pack utilized the GBA slot found in earlier models of the DS, preventing DSi and DSi XL users from enjoying the same feature.