EA “in the back seat” at Respawn

EA Partners’ general manger David DeMartini has spoken out about the publishing giant’s collaborative intentions with the newly formed Respawn Entertainment, declaring that EA will remain “in the back seat advising when asked” and won’t be “grabbing at the wheel trying to make life more difficult.”

“It’s a very close collaboration and as much as we’ll have an opinion when they form their team and we’ll have some ideas, they’ve got all control over where they go with their IP,” noted DeMartini. EA’s appearing evidently keen to do everything they can to respect Respawn’s independence as a developer, hopefully allowing Zampella and West the freedom they require to create “a great game and a great entertainment experience that delights people.”

As to whether or not Respawn Entertainment might find themselves working internally within EA at some point, DeMartini has said that “there is nothing that is ruled out.”