Machinarium devs take their ball and head over to Sony’s house

Czech game studio Amanita Design recently went public with their dissatisfaction of Microsoft, claiming the Redmond, WA based company turned down publishing rights for indie darling Machinarium because of the game’s existence on other platforms, specifically Mac and Linux.

To be clear, Microsoft didn’t ban the game from XBLA, but rather just chose not to publish it. Machinarium could’ve still seen the light of day on Microsoft’s console, but it would have to be published through a third party, which Amanita Design doesn’t want to do, as that means less money for them. Luckily, there’s at least one other fish in the sea, as the company has submitted the game to Sony to see if PlayStation Network could be a potential home for the point ‘n click adventure title.

It’ll be great to see this critically acclaimed title exposed to a wider audience, but I think Microsoft is getting a little too much heat from the interwebs right now for their decision to skip on the publishing duties. After all, if you were Microsoft Game Studios, would you want to publish a game that is available on Mac?