Ninja Theory “tapped” for Devil May Cry 5?

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory may get “tapped” for the next Devil May Cry title. Or so believes GameInformer.

“Enslaved isn’t the only game Ninja Theory is working on – we’ve heard that the Cambridge, England developer is being tapped for the next Devil May Cry,” the magazine writes in their latest issue, further adding, “It is not totally unexpected, however; Capcom has said that although it is shying away from Western developer for new IP, it would continue to utilize them for known franchises, which DMC certainly is.”

Indeed. Capcom has said that outsourcing the development of a new game to overseas companies has proven to be difficult. At the same time, however, they “cannot develop a sufficient number of titles without using the resources of these companies,” an investor Q&A session from last December reads.

Whether it’s DMC or something else, Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades is hoping his company can pull off “at least a couple more games” before the next generation arrives.