Gears of War 3 penned by Karen Traviss

Gears of War novels Aspho Fields and Jacinto’s Remnant author Karen Traviss has been tapped as the writer for Gears of War 3, it’s been revealed.

“She has a very, very good way of getting inside these characters’ heads from a novelist’s kind of standpoint,” Epic Games’ design director Cliff Bleszinski said of the sci-fi and fantasy author as he revealed the news in a recent interview. “She really understands who they are, and she’s going to really be doing a good job of breathing life into these characters as well as the new ones.”

As phrased by Microsoft as the game was announced a few days ago, Gears 3 is looking to be the “most dramatic chapter” in the trilogy and present players “a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood”.