Activision raises outlook, ‘shoots Modern Warfare race horse’

The continued popularity of World of Warcraft and the record breaking success that was the launch of Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package DLC has allowed Activision Blizzard to boost their fiscal guidance, the company announced today.

“It is always helpful to begin a year with great momentum,” CEO Bobby Kotick says, “however, we remain cautious about the economy and consumer spending and the fact that the majority of our games are not expected to launch until the fall.”

What does main rival EA have to say about the company’s ‘too cheap‘ DLC successes? Director of corporate communications Jeff Brown: “This is kind of like announcing: The race horse I shot last month has won the Triple Crown! [emphasis his]”

In case you missed it, Brown recently made another wonderful comment as well. “We don’t have the time to comment on the many lawsuits Activision files against its employees and creative partners,” he said when asked to weigh in on Activision’s decision to counter-sue former Infinity Ward heads West and Zampella.

Fun guy.