Ethan Mars thinks more games like Heavy Rain ‘can turn PS3 fortunes’

Apparently Pascal Langdale, the voice actor for Ethan Mars in Heavy Rain, knows a thing or two more about videogames past how to do a really bad American accent for one. Riding on the news that the interactive thriller is now a millionaire, Langdale said to Develop that “This is a way for Sony to bring their console back into the front room, and I hope they see that. It’s losing out to other consoles left, right and centre.”

Quantic Dream’s title was definitely the talk of the town when it released back in February, although we’re not entirely convinced it’s the PS3’s knight in shining armor, but Langdale is.

Heavy Rain made people buy the PS3,” he says. “There is clearly a desire for more of these kinds of games. People want to sit down with them, and spend all day with them.”

Langdale’s vision of a perfect PS3 future doesn’t stop there though, “The future of downloadable, episodic games is just around the corner. That future will be, I think, a convergence between film, TV and games.”