For Respawn, “the sky’s the limit”

For dismissed Infinity Ward men Jason West and Vince Zampella’s newly-formed Respawn studio, “the sky’s the limit”. That’s according to West, now president of Respawn.

“All doors are open,” he says of the studio’s direction, which includes listening to and taking suggestions from their fans.

“We’re going to get the team together and start there,” he told IndustryGamers, “and then we’ll start kicking around ideas about where we want to go. And we do want to talk to our fanbase and include those guys early as well, and see what they’re interested in us making.”

Given the men’s background, it may be common sense to expect Respawn to start work on a military shooter property. However, at this point, nothing is ruled out, “..part of our success has always been letting the team follow their passion and letting that shine through in the game. We think the fans of the gaming community respond to that. So it would be a little disingenuous to have game ideas before you have a team”; a situation that publisher and financial backer EA appears to be perfectly fine with.

“We’ve entered into a relationship with Respawn without any predisposition about what kind of game they’re going to be making. I think identifying their game as a shooter is taking a leap without any connecting of the dots,” EA Partners boss David DeMartini said, later adding: “The guys wanted to have the ability to control IP, to move down a path independently, to form great ideas with the new team, and do what they’ve always done, which is to create great entertainment experiences. When we heard that story, that’s something that’s really compelling and we’re really excited about, without any specific IP.”

“It is unusual to sign someone without a specific idea, but these guys are highly unusual to begin with.”