Inafune: “Talent doesn’t matter to me”

To Capcom’s Keiji Inafune, open-mindedness is more important than actual talent.

Speaking in a recent Q&A session posted on Capcom’s investor relations site, the Mega Man creator revealed his belief that “walls of stereotypes spoil the inherent potential of talent”.

“I would say people that don’t build walls around themselves, but rather always keep their ears open to a broad range of opinions,” he said when asked kind of people make the best human resources.

“Talent doesn’t matter to me.”

He explains: “Walls of stereotypes spoil the inherent potential of talent. The people who I feel are most competent are those with low walls, or those who are able to shatter the walls that enclose them.”

“I hold seminars for the development staff each week that focus on this kind of personal development [and where] I always emphasize the importance of having the resolve to take on risks. Be a positive person that’s always trying to do something new. If you initially enclose yourself within walls, you’ll suffer later on from a lack of new ideas. Challenges broaden your horizons and can inspire new ideas.”