Peace Walker’s cut-scenes clock in at just under 3 hours

My editor says there’s higher priority news to report right now, but if you’re a Metal Gear fanboy like me, nothing is more important than finding out just how long I’m going to be staring at riveting cut-scene after cut-scene in the next installment of the franchise.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker may be on PSP, but Hideo Kojima and co still insist this is the next full entry in the series. With the British Board of Film Classification revealing that the total time for all the cut-scenes clocks in at 162 minutes, 34 seconds, I’m starting to believe them. Keep in mind these won’t all be fully in-game sequences, a lot of the story is drawn up beautifully by Ashley Wood like in Portable OPs and the comics.

That may seem long, but not when you realise Metal Gear Solid 4 boasted a mind-numbing 545 minutes (just over 9 hours) of watching Old Snake lumber around. Suddenly doesn’t seem that bad, does it?