Move, Natal to benefit the casual audience, usher in new genres

The core gamer may be able to give the occasional hand signal, but it’s the casual audience that will benefit the most from Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming motion offerings. So believe developers and publishers who’ve specialized in delivering fitness and non-games software.

“The non-games sector will benefit more than any other sector from Natal and PlayStation Move,” Simon Prytherch, managing director of NewU Fitness First developer Lightning Fish Games, tells MCV, saying the devices are suited to non-core audiences. “A key feature of these devices is the ability to accurately monitor user performance.”

“We will see new ways of interacting and new genres emerging as creative minds get to grips with the technology.”

The devices will open up the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to more family-oriented experiences, Avanquest sales director Steve Powell adds, “I’m sure we’ll see self-improvement titles amongst these.”

“There will be plenty of buzz around the new hardware releases, which may also encourage hardcore gamers to try something different.”