The MMO Round-up / April 18

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Korea puts a curfew in place for those underage MMO players. Kids will have a window of six hours up to as late as 2 am before their internet is cut off, so much marathon gaming.

Cryptic answered a lot of Star Trek Online’s PvP related questions in a Q&A session.

The latest state of the game address for Fallen Earth expands on some of the upcoming patches coming down the pipeline.

The closed beta for Ebebus started this week, if you didn’t get your name in for the action-RPG MMO then do so.

Turbine brings a new playable race, new magic and new armor to the aging Asheron’s Call.

The Dungeons & Dragons Online offer wall has been met with some, ok a lot, of negative fan reaction. Turbine has since temporarily removed the wall.

Sci-fi MMO Earthrise has been delayed and a robot assassin named Jaberwokie is apparently to blame. Damn those laser eye-beams.

Final Fantasy XIV alpha test guide has been leaked and it’s full of goodies.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea expansion Power & Prestige is coming this summer but in the meantime check out what’s coming.

Big changes coming to the city siege RvR system in Warhammer Online among other things detailed in a community update from Mythic.

Have some more beta news as the closed beta for Battle of the Imortals launched this week.

Holy crap Final Fantasy XI celebrates 8 years of play and Mog Bonanza.

Get ready for some awkward exchanges of looks as Final Fantasy XIV is to have intimate apparel. Yea, you know, sexy clothes.

Free-to-play Runescape see’s profits increase in 2009 and the long story short, Jegex makes a crap ton of money off of Runescape.

Got $25 just waiting to be spent? Why not head over to the Blizzard store and buy yourself a fancy see-through horse with wings that released this week?

Mythos shows off some art for the Pyromancer, and it’s purdy.

Time to play dress up, new costumes added in to Guild Wars.

The wait for Aion 1.9 is slowly coming to a close as it will be out next month. Are you prepared? Oops, wrong game.

TERA gets a website overhaul along with some lore updates.

The Rise of the Godslayer expansion for Age of Conan will be available in retail stores with an exclusive in-game puma pet. Sweet!