Hideki Kamiya thinks being held hostage and forced to create a new Starfox game would be awesome

One of Nintendo’s key franchises that has been noticeably missing on Wii has been the Starfox series, and one of the people who would really like to see a new entry in the rail shooter/strategy/Zelda clone series is Platinum Games head honcho and Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. Apparently, he digs himself some Starfox. So much so that he recently tweeted that he would absolutely love it if Nintendo would “come to Platinum, stick guns at us and tell us ‘you guys make a new Starfox.'”

I’m not sure how much he would actually like that, but Kamiya has had an idea for a 3D shooting game knocking around his head for a while. When he originally went to Capcom, he pitched two games. One of these turned out to be Okami, and the other one was for a 3D shooter, but he thought Starfox 64 reeked of so much awesomeness that making his game would be meaningless. Well if he doesn’t want to make a 3D shooter and he doesn’t have the rights to make Okami 2, maybe he’d be interested in making that Starfox Adventures sequel people have been clamoring for?