Bulletstorm writer declares it “a groundbreaking video game,” see for yourself in two weeks

It must be a difficult task to have a game remain immersive and “groundbreaking” when its plot chiefly revolves around a drunken space pirate crash landing on an abandoned paradise inhabited by rather nasty mutants. Though apparently, People Can Fly and Epic’s collaboration, Bulletstorm, manages to pull it off, according to the game’s writer, Rick Remender.

Having been flown to People Can Fly’s headquarters in Warsaw, Remender, whose previous credits include Dead Space, set about getting Bulletstorm‘s story well and truly locked down. “We tore it up, everyone had great ideas, by the end we’d written our dream sci-fi movie,” mentions Remender, “It just so happens that it’s also a groundbreaking video game.”

“It’s been a great production; they are equally as invested in story and gameplay in a way I don’t see that often,” he explains, “working this way has set apart the better games of the past few years, just never in a FPS. It achieves total immersion.”

Though, according to a countdown ticker on the official site, it’ll be roughly two weeks till we get our first proper audio-visual glimpse of what Bulletstorm has in store.