Dead Rising 2 lets you team up to slaughter the hordes, screens and trailer too

You know what’s better than beating a zombie to death with a guitar? Beating a zombie to death with a guitar while your friend slices him with a chainsaw. If, like me, you’ve had quite a few disturbing dreams about doing such things then Dead Rising 2 has a treat for us both; 2-player online co-op.

Any time you get bored of massacring endless crowds of zombies by yourself, you can ask a friend to hop in and give you a hand. Both of you are then free to beat/stab/mutilate the walking dead as much as you see fit.

If that doesn’t tide you over, then maybe the fresh trailer above for the story mode will. The plot itself seems to be taking a much more serious tone than Frank West’s antics around the shopping mall, but you’re not exactly buying this game for the deep story, are you? Are you?

Loads of new shots in the gallery too.