Sega still going for the Wii core

Sega continues to be committed to finding an audience for the core titles it publishes for the Wii. This despite recent comments from Sega staffers who’ve implied the exact opposite.

“To be blunt, there were some erroneous quotes that went out,” Sega West President Mike Hayes has told IndustryGamers.

In January, Sega studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos said the company is not likely to release more mature titles for the Wii, yet the company announced its plans to publish the High Voltage Software shooter Conduit 2 a few months later. And just some weeks ago, Hayes himself said: “If you’re going to play a mature-rated game, you’re going to get your 360, PC or PS3 out to do so.”

These comments, Hayes now clarifies, “did come from Sega personnel but they weren’t appropriate or accurate.”

Even though Sega’s Wii line-up is tilting more towards the casual as of late, Hayes added, he stays firm in his belief that mature content can work on the system.