Analyst questions Red Dead Redemption’s “blockbuster” potential

Rockstar’s released another batch of lovely screens from Red Dead Redemption today, from the game world’s Northern Mexico area this time. But, as good as the game looks, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter questions its mass market appeal.

“My bias is that a game that is set in the U.S. West will not be particularly appealing to European audiences,” he’s told IndustryGamers, “and a game where the most powerful weapon is a Gatling gun will not be particularly appealing to U.S. audiences.”

That said, he reckons the game may be able to sell around 2-3 million copies but remains “skeptical that the game will be considered a ‘blockbuster franchise'”.

“[I] certainly do not expect sales to rival those of GTA.”

The game’s quality, however, he doesn’t question and believes it to be “extraordinary”.