Halo: Reach “is it” for Bungie

Once it ties that red bow on Halo: Reach this fall, Bungie’s really done with the franchise for quite a while.

Having previously said that it’s premature to deny future additions to the series, after Reach, the studio’s truly taking a few long steps in the opposite direction; speaking to Joystiq, lead multiplayer designer Lars Bakken has reiterated what community director Brian Jarrard said a few months back. That being, “As far as right now, currently, yes. This is our last Halo Bungie game.”

However, “Now in the future, who knows? You can never say never, because things change. Maybe ten years down the line we decide to make another Halo game…”

“..but for right now, yes. This is it for us.”

And with any luck, it’ll be their “biggest,” “most powerful” one yet.