Crysis 2 writer to stay with EA, dislikes churning out ‘Big Mac’ sequels

Richard Morgan, writer for Crysis 2, has said that he is actively in talks with EA concerning other projects available to him once the Crytek FPS gets finalized.

“Potentially there are a lot of other projects available for me to look at, so that when we finally do lock Crysis 2 down there’ll be a bunch of other stuff to do,” Morgan told VG247. “I think there’s a huge amount of cool work to be done here.”

The writer continues that he dislikes the “Big Mac” method of producing sequels, giving people “exactly what we gave them last time, because they liked it, so let’s do exactly the same.”

“You heard us all talking about it in there; it’s taking the Crysis 1 template, and it’s going, ‘Let’s fuck with this. Let’s come up with a bunch of new stuff.’ And certainly from my point of view, fiction is an angle to that. And that’s, for me, the main thing.

“If we can beat that Big Mac mentality and keep delivering fresh stuff, and something fresh gives the consumer something really fresh to do, then I’m happy, because when I’m doing fresh stuff that’s when I’m most awake.”