Halo: Reach to have three different editions

Halo: Reach has been talked about a great deal lately, what with a vidoc hitting today and the ongoing frenzy over the multiplayer beta that starts May 3. Fanning the flames of desire for any Halo fan, Bungie today sent out details on the three different editions that will be available at launch. Spoiler alert – they’re pretty freaking awesome. Check out the pictures below to see just how awesome.

Up first is the standard version ($59.99/£49.99) which comes with exactly what we would expect, the videogame disc and manual.

The next step up leads us to the ‘Limited Edition’ version ($79.99/£59.99), containing the game disc and manual housed in a recovered ONI black box, an exclusive Elite armor set to show off in multiplayer matches, and an artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents and effects.

The final version, produced in “very limited quantities,” is the ‘Legendary Edition’ ($149.99/£99.99) and comes in UNSC-themed packaging with everything listed above as well as a Spartan armor effect for multiplayer matches and a 10 pound, 10 inch tall Noble Team statue that has been individually numbered, hand-painted by McFarlane Toys.