Modern Warfare 2 DLC price “a mistake”

The $15 price tag on Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package was too high, Activision’s social media manager Dan Amrich feels.

After its release on Xbox Live on March 30, the DLC — comprised of five multiplayer maps; three brand new, two from the first Modern Warfarebroke records and sold over 2.5 million in its first seven days. Still, Amrich labels the pricing “a mistake”.

“I think the $15 price point for MW2 DLC was a mistake,” he said on a Facebook group page discussing Activision, “and as soon as I had the opportunity I said so, even came up with some alternate suggestions (‘how about $10 for three maps and the two remakes as freebies to thank everybody?’) — but by the time I was made aware, it was too late, and people weren’t really asking me that kind of stuff anyway.”

Amrich’s words are the polar opposite to those of EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich who recently said that Activision missed an opportunity by not pricing the content even higher.