Yakuza heads to PSP, brings nunchuks, new characters, and gorgeous graphics with it

If there was any reason for me to learn Japanese, the Yakuza series is it. It’s taken a year since the Japanese relase of Yakuza 3 for it to reach the West, and now we’re all waiting for an announcement on Yakuza 4 doing the same.

Sega aren’t stopping there though; they’re bringing yet another entry to the series to Japan. No, not Yakuza 5 just yet, instead it’s time for a PSP spin-off. This is the teased “Project K” title that was hinted at during a Yakuza 4 launch party. It’s hard to gather much solid info on this title just yet, seeing as everything about it is written in a very different, and very confusing language, but we can piece together a few things from first screens and a teaser site.

It seems like Kazuma is missing this one out, passing the torch down to a younger, much more angry looking lead character. The game also ditches in-game cutscenes for the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker approach with animated movies.

We’ll probably have to wait a very long time for more revealing info. If we have a hard time convincing Sega to bring the franchise over here on PS3, it’s not going to be any easier to get them to release it for PSP. Still, fingers crossed that we’ll be able to take all of Kamurocho in our pocket in the not too distant future.