Just Cause 2 adding more boom via DLC

Square Enix has detailed two upcoming Just Cause 2 DLC packs today, and there’s quite a few interest sparking items on the list for those who take causing chaos even slightly seriously.

As slipped out a few days ago, the Black Market Aerial Pack, due next Thursday for $1.99/160MS Points, brings the twin parachute-mounted jets for Rico’s main method of transportation, as well as the F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter and the Multi-lock Missile Launcher.

Following a month later, on May 25th, is the Black Market Boom Pack. Included here, for the same price, are the quad rocket launcher (“half shotgun, half rocket launcher, all carnage”), cluster bomb launcher (“the natural successor to the grenade launcher”) and an air propulsion gun (“a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon, powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers skywards”).