Kane & Lynch 2 to feature new arcade mode

One of the few innovative things about the original Kane & Lynch was its “Fragile Alliance” mode, wherein players could rob banks and betray their friends in cooperative gameplay. Not only will the old fashioned Fragile Alliance be back for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, but a new single-player mode will also be available.

AI bots take the place of friends and IO producer Karsten Lund says “all the rules are running at the same time in all the modes. So you can try it first and get to know the maps and get good at the rules, but also there are competitive elements, a leaderboard, and you can battle your friends to see who can do the most heists in a certain amount of time. So you have a new entry into the world of Fragile Alliance. It is an arcade version of Fragile Alliance.”

In his interview with Videogamer, Lund also teased some multiplayer modes other than Fragile Alliance, but refused to elaborate on what any of these new modes would entail.