LucasArts: The Force Unleashed II “looks great and plays well”

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has barely registered since its surprise announcement at the VGA’s late last year. The game was slapped with a ‘late 2010’ release window right then and there but that, along with the debut trailer, is all LucasArts has revealed.

According to CEO Darrell Rodriguez though, we need not worry; the sequel sounds to be coming along well and is at a stage where it “looks great and plays well”.

“The progress that our internal team has made from The Force Unleashed to its DLC, then to the Sith Edition which packaged it into one disc, and now TFU2 – well, it’s phenomenal,” Rodriguez has told trade magazine MCV. “It looks great and plays well.”

“We sold over 7m copies of the first game. It has a big fanbase and we’re confident they will come back.”