Resident Evil: Afterlife director to take on games development

Paul W.S. Anderson loves games. In addition to directing the original Resident Evil film and the forthcoming Afterlife entry in the franchise, he’s also working on film adaptations of Castlevania and Driver. Thus, it makes sense that Anderson is focusing much of his energy on the hand-in-hand, concomitant development of both games and movies for given franchises: “In the future I want to be developing intellectual properties that will occupy both spaces simultaneously…I’ve been actively involved in the gaming world for 15 years now, talking to developers ever since ‘Mortal Kombat,’ so I think I have a very good appreciation for what their needs and what their concerns are. I think I really do know how to join the two medias, [games and movies], together in a successful way, and that’s what I’ll be working on in the next few years.”

The first title on which Anderson hopes to implement this dual movie/game development strategy is Buck Rogers. As this movie is slated for a 2011 release, Anderson needs to rapidly assemble a team of developers if he hopes to bring a game to shelves at the same time the movie hits theaters.