Still a long way off from new Oddworld game, Oddbox on track for this year

Some of us have been dying for a new Oddworld game for years now. The chance to chant as Abe once more, or take the Stranger on a new adventure has us frothing at the mouth. Alas, it’s not to be, for a good long while at least.

Lorne Lanning, the creator of the Oddworld brand has sadly revealed that in terms of a new game, “We had a few on the fire, and they’re still on the shelf…there’s a lot of shakeup going on [in the gaming industry] and in that turmoil, we didn’t really want to put the Oddworld brand out there in the middle of it.”

We’re yet to see what the folks at Oddworld Inhabitants could do with a new game on this generation, no doubt something amazing, but we’ll just have to hold out for now. “We want to really aggressively experiment at this time, and we didn’t want to really experiment aggressively with that brand” — perhaps a lesson learned from Munch’s Oddysee.

That’s not to say the developers are sitting still at the moment; they’re working on releasing their past 4 games onto Steam right now in one neat package called The Oddbox. “What we’re working on now is more of a platform issue, not an IP. I can’t go into much more description than that.” So the Inhabitants are still busy bees right now.

Let’s hope we can jump back into Oddworld sooner rather than later.