Team Fortress 2 drop system modified, idling no longer as effective

Valve recently rolled out an update to the item drop system for Team Fortress 2 that significantly increases the rate at which items are obtained and should allow the player to obtain those items at regular intervals. The previous system functioned by distributing items to players at random, to which some players ended up not getting items for weeks.

One significant characteristic of the modification is that there is in fact a maximum time limit per week in which the players gets items. Any player going over that playtime won’t get any drops but if, for example, the player doesn’t play one week, the time will rollover to the next week. As long as you play “an hour or so a day you’re good,” according to Valve. The update to the system effectively combats the amount of items idlers get. Idlers being those who sit in empty servers or servers especially made for idling and leaving their game for hours at a time for the sole benefit of obtaining items. Now that there is a playtime limit, idlers will get as many items as one would get playing the game legitimately.