The MMO Round-up / April 25

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Your opinion does matter! CCP changed deep safe spot nerf in EVE Online based on player’s feedback. Awesome.

Because appealing to women is the latest craze in gaming, Virtual Island Entertainment has made an MMO just for women.

The Ultima series continues on in EA’s browser-based MMO called Lord of Ultima.

Turbine, makers of Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online, gets gobbled up by Warner Bros.

Fallen Earth patch 1.4 gets pushed to the test servers. Get cracking!

Icarus Studios, makers of Fallen Earth, moved some people around to fill the gaps left by recently departed lead designer Lee Hammock.

Six years of City of Heroes, can you believe that? Paragon Studios has some things planned for the celebration.

MMOs are in the crosshairs these days and Linden Labs is the latest. Evan et al brings up a suit against the Second Life maker.

RuneScape gets its largest update in the history of the game which adds in randomly generated content that should keep players busy for some time.

Because having a real home isn’t enough work, Atlantica Online looks to add in player housing.

Mythic executive producer Jeff Hickman apologizes about the billing error associated with Warhammer Online.

The VIPER forces become tougher in Cryptic’s Serpent Lantern Adventure pack for Champions Online.

CCP divulges details on Tyrannius and promise to continue development after its release. Comes complete with awesome MS Paint artwork.

Tired of your old Everquest II subscription plan? Then get yourself a EQII passport and special treatment!

Darkfall unveils new mounts that appear to be some sort of dog/bear hybrid. Scary.

Age of Conan’s expansion Rise of the Godslayer has been dated for May 11.

We like free and it looks like there is more free DLC on the way for MAG. We’ll dance to that!

Runes of Magic details phase one of the Chapter III update.

The large Blood Sports update — not to be confused with a similarly named Van Damme movie — for Fallen Earth has been dated for May 7.

The full patch notes for the patch to Allods Online have been detailed.

Since we know how much you like boxes, Europe is getting boxed retail copies of Global Agenda.