Don’t expect ‘f*cking realism’ from Black’s Bodycount

“F*ck realism,” says Black creator Stuart Black.

Having previously called a chunk of the current first-person shooter landscape “f*cking boring,” the vocal developer now explains his issues with realism in his upcoming destructo-fest Bodycount.

“If realism doesn’t help the game, f*ck it, throw it away,” he says of the game that promises “explosive kills in a shreddable world“.

“I don’t want Bodycount to reflect the reality that I’m in, I’ve got enough of that around me. I want to go somewhere else – I want to be lifted up, to forget about my troubles, and escape.”

Codemasters, he adds, has been a great place to envision and build such a place.

“I’ve known Codemasters all my gaming life, but I’d never thought about working for them. And when I went up there – I was just really impressed by the attitude towards development. It felt like, here’s a place I can get some creative freedom, some creative control and really develop something I want to develop.”

The game’s expected early next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.