TimeGate CEO: ‘digital distribution empowering to developers’

TimeGate Studios CEO Adel Chaveleh sees digital distribution as something more than a method for simply re-releasing older titles. Instead, especially as internet connection speeds continue to increase, he believes that releasing full blown titles through digital means is a way for developers to circumvent traditional publishers, aka the “small group of people [who] control the tollway to the consumer”.

“A path for empowerment,” he calls it.

“The barrier for large-scale releases boils down to bandwidth and marketing. As broadband speeds increase, the size of games will become less of an issue,” he told Gamasutra.

“Rather than seeing publishers and developers looking to unload their back catalogue onto the market, it would be great to see more games built from the ground up for this model.”

Digital distribution on consoles is here to stay, Chaveleh adds, “and the market will continue to grow at a great clip”.

“..we can’t wait until the retail vs. digital decision is not even a factor in terms of production — the sort of seamlessness that exists in something like Netflix — get it physical or digital, it’s a blind decision.”

Despite going retail on PC and Xbox 360, TimeGate’s own Section 8 was a digital release on PlayStation 3; an answer to “a strong demand” for full scale PSN games, they told us before its release last month.