Bodycount creative director looking to ‘recreate Black’s shooting experience’

Stuart Black used to work at Criterion, where he was the lead designer on their explosion happy FPS Black. After Black 2kind of bit the dust,” he took his ball and headed over to Codemasters house where he now serves as the creative director of Bodycount which, if the screenshot above is any indication, looks a hell of a lot like Black. Apparently that’s somewhat intentional, as Black said in a recent interview that he has been waiting for somebody to make a game like Black for years, and he decided it was time to get the job done himself.

“I’ve seen the influence of Black in other stuff, but there’s a very particular style, a particular feel to it. I thought, the only person who can deliver that kind of feel is me because I found it in the first place. It’s not just me of course; other people made huge contributions, but a lot of them are here now as well.”

Looks like Black 2 is finally coming then, just under a different name.