Charles Cecil: Heavy Rain is ‘flawed genius’

Charles Cecil, Managing Director of Revolution Studios, says that the recent Quantic Dream effort in Heavy Rain is “genius” but “deeply flawed.” Coming from someone closely related to the Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky games, these thoughts ring true.

“Half way through I thought it was a work of absolute genius,” said Cecil. “When I finished it, I still thought it was a work of genius but deeply flawed. There’s a lot of questions it asks, and I think some of those are answered really well, and others are flawed.”

Cecil tried to explain his thinking without revealing any spoilers by vaguely saying that something at the end is discovered about one of the playable characters. This discovery is “incredibly important” about the character, but “creates an incredible disconnect between the audience and the character – and I think that is deeply, deeply flawed. It would have worked in a film, it’s a great film technique but it should never have been brought over to games, and David and his team should have probably seen that. But I do think it’s a brilliant game.”