Crackdown 2 dev: ‘games becoming too easy’

Videogames these days are becoming just too easy, developer Ruffian’s Billy Thompson finds. A necessary evolution to capture that wider audience every developer and publisher wants, but not something he has to like.

“I have to say I do worry that we’re starting to make games that are potentially too easy to complete,” the Crackdown 2 creative director told Develop Magazine.

“We’re aiming at such a wide audience that it would be commercial suicide, but it doesn’t stop me longing for the truly selfish opportunity to make a game that would be genuinely challenging to the people who made it.”

Thompson looks fondly back “on the days of the early Spectrum games that were sometimes insanely difficult to complete,” but concedes that games with that level of difficulty are a thing of the past.

Crackdown 2‘s out in North America on July 6, and the UK on the 9th.