New Iron Man 2 trailer gives you the story

Hey, Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson actually reprise their roles in the Iron Man 2 videogame! That should give it some much needed authenticity– oh wait, the guy playing Tony Stark sounds nothing like Robert Downey Jr. Oh well.

Anyway, at least SEGA are giving us something different with this latest trailer for the upcoming adaption; trying to lay down the story instead of more action clips that don’t do a very good job of convincing you this will be better than the first. Still, awkward CG and poor dialogue doesn’t exactly scream “best game eva” either.

There’s a few tidbits of info about where we’ll take the Golden Avenger this time around, and a glimpse at Crimson Dynamo, set to appear exclusively in the game. May 4th is when you can put on the suit yourself in North America, April 30th for the EU.