Syfy creating Red Faction movie, possible series

THQ and Syfy have inked a deal that will result in a production based on the publisher’s Red Faction franchise, Broadcasting & Cable is reporting.

A two-hour straight-to-tv movie is guaranteed which, if it performs well, may lead to a series; the approach Syfy, then more sensibly named Sci Fi, used for Battlestar Galactica.

Syfy Ventures senior VP Alan Seiffert explains the deal: “It is the kind of content that fits our genre. It is a great fit for a big Syfy Saturday movie, and if it really works, it is a great back-door pilot.”

Syfy also has a hand in the next Red Faction game’s development. “..he next iteration of the Red Faction video-game series will be produced in conjunction with Syfy Games,” the site writes. The extent of Syfy’s involvement isn’t clarified though.