BFBC2 owners get an M24 rifle in MOH, BFBC2 “expansion” news soon

Own Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Then you also have an IOU for an M24 sniper rifle in EA and DICE’s upcoming modern day Medal of Honor reboot, Battlefield‘s official site informs.

The weapon will be available to all who’ve purchased both games as new, activated the VIP code (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3; separately purchased VIP codes won’t cut it) or played at least one multiplayer match online (PC). The fine print also notes that both games must be registered with the same EA account.

Oh, and all that grants only early, not exclusive access to the weapon.

In other BFBC2 news bits, Battlefield series executive producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson has tweeted that “juicy announcements” regarding the game’s “expansions” can be expected “shortly”.