ModNation Racers pre-order goodies

We’re anxiously awaiting the chance to get our hands on ModNation Racers, Sony’s second entry in their Play, Create, Share marketing line. Add to that fact the chance to get additional characters to compete with if we pre-order and May 25 (21 in the UK) can’t get here soon enough.

Those going to Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or GameCrazy and laying down some cash for a pre-order will score a code to unlock either Ratchet, Clank, Kratos, or Nathan Drake, depending on which location the code came from. Not only that, each code will also unlock a Sackboy racer with a cardboard cart.

Sony even took those who don’t pre-order into account and stuck some Sackboy codes on a limited number of games boxes. Bunch of swell people, Sony.