The Sims 3 spreads to consoles this fall with exclusive features

In what was just a matter of time, The Sims 3 has been announced for release this fall for the 360, PS3, Wii, and DS. EA is stating that each version of the game will offer exclusive features that complement the different systems.

In the announcement, EA executive producer Sam Player states that “Building on the unique traits system, living open neighborhood, lifetime wishes, and endless customization options, we’ve tailored each platform of The Sims 3 with exclusive features to allow for even more control, creativity, and connectivity.”

The various exclusive items include uploading and downloading content for PS3 and 360, an all new beach town for the Wii, and creation tools utilizing the touch screen on the DS. All versions of the game will also feature “Karma Powers”, a new system that allows players to instantly apply various positive or negative affects to their Sims.

The title for the press release noticeably states “consoles and handheld” meaning The Sims is not heading to the PSP. Given that my microwave oven will probably receive a version of the game eventually, this may be another grim sign for Sony in the portable department.