Xbox Live Arcade enjoys record sales

March was a good month for Xbox Live Arcade. Microsoft’s digital distribution service topped $10 million in revenue for the first time, obliterating last year’s records.

According the brainy bods over at Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE), March sales were up 41 percent year-on-year. There was also five percent growth during the first three months of 2010, compared to last year.

FADE (via Edge) reckon the sales increase is down to the Xbox Live Block Party promo, which saw the release of the face-lifted oldie Perfect Dark, Twisted Metal rip-off Scrap Metal and the over-priced strat-em-up Toy Soldiers.

Benjamin Schlichter, director of research and analysis at FADE, said, “Like the annual Summer of Arcade promotion, this new promotion by Microsoft can be seen as a great success during one of the slowest months for Xbox Live Arcade. March of this year was the best month during the first two quarters of any year.”

Check out FADE’s estimated March XBLA top 10, sorted by revenue, below.

01. Toy Soldiers (Signal Games) – 209,000 units ($15.00 USD)
02. Perfect Dark (4J Games) – 161,000 units ($10.00 USD)
03. Trials HD (RedLynx) – 53,000 units ($15.00 USD)
04. Battlefield 1943 (Dice) – 37,000 units ($15.00 USD)
05. Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) – 34,000 units ($15.00 USD)
06. Family Game Night (Hasbro) – 32,000 units ($10.00 USD)
07. Scrap Metal (Slick Entertainment) – 18,000 units ($15.00 USD)
08. Marvel Vs. Capcom (Capcom) – 25,000 units ($10.00 USD, on sale)
09. Shadow Complex (Chair Entertainment) – 13,000 units ($15.00 USD)
10. Magic: The Gathering (Stainless Entertainment) – 16,000 units ($10.00 USD)