Updated / Bungie’s next “might” be at E3

Update: No Activision/Bungie bonanza for E3

Original story: Bungie’s next property could be announced and revealed as soon as E3 this June, according to community director Brian Jarrard; “You know, it might be,” he says, but adds right away that the main focus this year will be on Halo: Reach.

“It’s really important for us that we don’t lose sight of Reach,” he told VG247. “We have a lot of work to do, and the vast majority of our team is still very much crunching hard on Reach, so I can tell you that this year is going to be pretty much all about Reach for us.”

Now that the ten-year agreement with Activision has been announced, “the focus will quickly return to Reach,” he further adds.

“I think it’ll be sometime after [the release of Reach] before we’re able to start talking about our new game.”

The new property has been said to be handled by a separate, dedicated team within Bungie, is “well along in its development” and may be released next year.